How we Work

Aqnel strives to seek areas in which digitization can be employed in the legal sector particularly in the area of public legal education. Capitalizing on our staff’s accumulated 25 years of legal practice research and academia, AQNEL devices important needs based on legal solutions through technology in all its available forms, through its ability to tap into our experiences of classroom delivery in order to sharply select legal content that is relevant to the selected audience.
When it comes to legal training, AQNEL works firstly by concluding and conducting a feasibility study of the target audience in order to consider their digital tendencies and general literacy levels. With that, we are able to design effective, accessible and user-friendly platforms that will achieve the intended outcome to our clients, whether in the areas of health law, labor law, technology law and so on. These platforms could either be web-based or mobile based.
Being a legal tech company, we design the legal content for your team, provide the content, and assess its usefulness to you, based on your desired outcomes, and power it through the most appropriate digital platform for your use. Due to the digitization aspect, your team is able to access refresher sessions, without leaving their seats. This way, AQNEL works as a one stop shop for you and your staff.
Working and collaborating with other players in the world, we are able to harmonize our skills to ensure that we deliver a complete package that is usable and trusted.