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In order to ensure that enterprises and the Kenyan Citizens in general are informed, Aqnel consulting, through various partners and projects avails a platform to share information and to discuss the highlights of law related ongoing and current and upcoming laws in order to inform subsequent reforms and effective implementation.
Aqnel also provides an overview of certain basic laws for purposes of informing the public about their general rights and duties as citizens.

Aqnel also concerns itself with posting brief notes from a simplified user friendly communicative language of recent local, regional and international decisions on various issues of Municipal and international law. In this way, Aqnel, as a way of giving back, contributes to the achievement of the right to information and also public participation in upcoming laws.

One of our first projects is ‘sheriatips’ which involves sending short messages to subscribers on subjects ranging from law and business, to law and health, social and family matters among others.

Another project on the Constitution of Kenya is to be launched mid of 2018.

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Availability of legal information is only possible if it is accessible. One of the challenges of informed legislative drafting is the absence of searchable database that can allow coherence of similar provisions. In this regard, in order to ensure that laws and regulations are accessible and available, it is important to consider availing databases from where one can re-trieve legal information at the click of a button. In addition to this, Aqnel realizes that statutory interpretation is only possible if there are effective records that reveal the legislative intent. As such, we provide basic information that aids in statutory interpretation where the content of the law meets the threshold to invoke the ‘purposive’ approach of legal interpretation.

Katiba Ya Kenya’ App

Katiba ya Kenya app is the first Swahili version of the Kenyan Constitution as an android app. The idea of making the app in light of the fact prior to embarking on the project, no such application was available on google play-store, and yet there are over 18 million Kiswahili speakers in Kenya. The app in the first months of its launch has over 4,000 subscribers. The content of the law is usable for free, but one may be required to make a subscription commitment if they would like to receive legal explanatory text in Kiswahili. This application is accessible for android users here

My Kenyan Constitution APP

Available on Google Play





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