About us

AQNEL CONSULTING center is a Legal Technology company established under Kenyan Laws that is dedicated to Justice through technology. The focus of the company is to use technology for public legal education, access to Justice, Legal capacity building, legal research and in time, law and policy making.

Aqnel is inspired by the need for reforming legislation and the legislative process concerned with bringing a new age of research based policy and laws in Kenya. Aqnel is aware that in order to foster the full realization of the Constitution, to promote business, contribute to industrialization and tap into the advantages of technology, there is need to ensure that laws are clear, comprehensible, harmonized and accessible.

Aqnel further considers the importance of realizing the Constitutional arrangements of law-making and looks at working with law makers, drafters and the general public in order to ensure consideration of collaborative functions.

Aqnel realizes the privilege of existing in the 21st century and the magical conveniences brought about by Information Technology.
In achieving its goals, Aqnel focuses on the provision of policy and legislative related support services including: training, legal research, brief writing, and general legal research consultancies among others.